The K2AX station has a great group of operators that work both CW and SSB contests. The station is constantly changing.
The operators that come to operate the equipment are mostly members of Frankford Radio Club and put a lot of time in the chair
to contribute points to the club that we are all proud members of.

Equipment used at our station is as follows for now

Some of the K2AX contest operators

Mark K2AX       FRC/SJRA
Paige N2PKP      FRC/SJRA
John K3ZV       FRC
Joe KC2TN       FRC/SJRA
Rich N1RK       FRC/SJRA
Ray N3RG       FRC/SJRA
Paul N3KR       FRC
Rick W2RDS       FRC/SJRA
Mike W2OF       FRC
Mary KV2M       FRC/SJRA
David W3MM      FRC
Jon W2MC      FRC/SJRA

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