Amateur Radio License Examinations

Last Revised: 4 February 2010

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Taking the test...

KC2PSV takes the last code test given before the no-code FCC rules go into effect.

KC2PSV, now N2QG, David, takes the last code test administered by the VE team before the FCC's no-code rules went into effect. 2007-01-25. Photo by K2AX.


KC2WNR, Steve, taking technician test in January 2010. Photo by K2AX.


E-mail Mark jtra(at) to ask your questions or call direct and leave a message (ONE ONLY) please 609-820-1523. If you are in range of the K2AX-145.150 (PL 91.5) repeater, call the Volunteer Examiners (VE's) — K2AX (Mark), N3AVT (Al), W2AF (Jack), N2PKJ (Bill), or N2MHO (Mike) — for information about the testing sessions and get answers to your questions.


Administration of tests for all FCC amateur radio license classes.

What you will need to bring


Winslow Township Senior Center, 33 Cooper Folly Road, Atco, NJ 08004-2603. Directions and map.


The fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month, at 7 p.m. Eastern. Be punctual. Dates are subject to change due to holidays and space availability. Watch this page for late-breaking information (hint: add the RSS feed below). The dates and calendar for this year follow.

Examination Dates: 2010
January 26 February 23 March 23
April 27 May 25 June 22
July 27 August 24 September 28
October 26 November 23 December 28

VE Examiners

Mark K2AX      Liason
Bill N2PKJ
Craig N3MUI
Mike N2MHO
Jack W2AF


The South Jersey Radio Association (SJRA) decided to do VE testing in 2007. Mark O'Brien, K2AX, heads the committee, with the help of other VE-qualified hams. If you would like to serve as a VE in administering the the tests, please contact K2AX.



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