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Jersey Triangle Repeater Association

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K2AX swinging from a crane removing repeater antenna so Kevin can reinstall
Mark's freind Kevin installing repeater antenna

The repeater system is located in New Jersey east of Philadelphia, PA, in Winslow, Camden County. The repeater covers Camden County, the western and central portions of Burlington County, the western end of Atlantic County, Gloucester County, and Philadelphia. The coverage includes most of the Delaware Valley region.

Operating Guidelines

The repeater is open to all licensed radio amateurs. Common sense and courtesy is the only reasonable request in using our repeater. Please do not be "quick on the trigger" in replying. Listen for and acknowledge those who may drop their call into a conversation. Use your good judgement, but we suggest you do not necessarily let that person calling in wait 3 or 5 minutes for a "turn." That weaker signal you hear may be a radio amateur in trouble...

Repeater News

The repeater equipment was upgraded in April 2008. Comments on coverage are welcome. Please e-mail Mark. (2008-04-08)

After two decades, in July 2006 the JTRA's 2 meter system moved from Tabernacle, and the call changed to K2AX.


Severe weather can affect repeater operations. Lightning produced by summer thunderstorm wreak havoc on radio systems across the radio amateur community. Be aware.

To protect the system in severe storm conditions, K2AX reserves the right to go silent if and when conditions warrant.

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